Welcome to SoOrchard (So).

So is about your beauty and nature.

So is a new brand and you can contribute to our market story and success.

So is life enhanced and enchanted.

At So we know that earthy life was created perfect and we only need to preserve it in a proper way.

So is here to use nature given produce to create body and mind prosperity.

So is only about your natural beauty.

We will not make you beautiful because you are beautiful the way you are.

So is all about preserving and enhancing all that you have already been given by the nature, with nature provided ingredients.

So is a cosmetic brand and products that have evolved from the love of nature and admiration of nature’s unique forces that for ages has been balancing itself.

We have created the So brand out our passion, dreams, knowledge and experience – gathered throughout years of research, journeys and discoveries as well as in depth studies with industry professionals and leading research units.

So is a dream come true, a dream about sharing our best ideas to preserve and enchance health and beauty that we all hold within.

Whatever we present to you, is clean and natural and as close to nature as it may be.

It is also safe and delivered to you with care for the environment, labor preparing it and with respect to the highest industry standards as well as legal regulations.

Our products are inspired by many places and many things we have seen but mostly places very close to our hearts.