9375series – 01 – Face Serum

Vitamin & nourishment 24h

Twice a day use serum providing proper hydration and vitamins to balance the effects of external environment and to protect skin.

Vitamin shot to the skin preparing it for long hours of activity and exposure.



9375series – 05 – Face Cleansing Gel

Every day care and anit-bacterial

Face cleansing gel with day-wear bacteria and pollution removal.

Highly energizing and revitalizing.

Helping to fight acne. 



9375series – 03 – Face Oil

Dusk nourishing

Night action face oil with viatmins and soothing agents.

Relaxation and deep hydration.



9375series – 02 – Face Mist

Refreshing antibacterial & anit-acne vitamin daily face mist.

Multiple use throughout a day to get rid of bacteria and prevent acne. At the same time providing proper face skin hydration and supply of vitamins. Mist to be used multiple times a day daylight/nightime and also in warm, humid and sunny conditions as well as in A/C spaces.



9375series – 08 – Foot Cream

Day&Night foot repair and care

Foot cream for intensive repair and every day care – agains cracking feet, funghi, drying out skin. Providing great feeling, everyday care, neutralizing tiredness and bringing relaxation.



9375series – 12 – Body Lotion

All day protection and vitamin provision lotion

All family body lotions with essential nature given vitamins and reviving effect.

Highly energizing and revitalizing.

Helping to fight acne and drying areas.